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broke the tie. the team kicked up the defense to keep the padres from tying it up again. nats win 6-5. >>> a beer at the ball games not cheap and this fan knows it. take a look at this video. there you go. fan in colorado makes an awesome grab on a home run ball and spills just a drop of his beer. >> it was all foam. >> and the guy in the purple hat catches it. the crowd goes wild. they are cheering. not everyone is that lucky. a fan in anaheim wasn't as talented. it's an epic crash between him and some other fans chasing a foul ball. they all get wet instead. >>> tonight is a season finale of "saturday night live." it ends with a farewell to a long-time cast member. mark barger reports. >> we got the girl. i've got to get out of here. >> reporter: after eight seasons of memorable impressions and indelible characters, senat"sat night live"'s bill hader says good-bye after this week's edition hosted by ben affleck. >> hi, my name is bill hader and i like it funky and sweet. >> reporter: hader said leaving snl was a hard decision but it has to happen at some point. seth meyers is also
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1